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Dr. J.J. Meier
Co-Founder, Strategen Group
U.S. and Canada

Through Strategen Group, Dr. Meier and her Team act as “Business Development Specialists” for companies in the fields of entertainment, education, law enforcement, health and nutrition. Areas of focus include employee and /or distributor acquisition, on-boarding and retention, corporate development trainings, start-ups and company launches.

Strategen Group also has a specialized division, InfoTrendz Media, that develops and represents lines for DRTV (direct response television marketing). The company is successful in launching skin care and nutritional lines into the realm of shopping television. After placing lines on Shop NBC, QVC and the Shopping Channel in Canada (TSC).

Her career spans more than twenty years in corporate training; corporate development programs; dynamic communications programs; skills assessments; and executive coaching.

J.J. has held executive suite positions and helped launch several companies such as The Facefinders Network; SeneGence International; Nutri-Metics (Australia); Channoine Cosmetics (Austria & U.S.); FemOne, Inc.; ITV, Inc.; GIA Wellness; One World Science; Roex Nutrition and others. Strategen Group enjoys continued relationships with the principals of several of these companies and now provides skills assessment programs, executive coaching, off-sites and retreats, workshops and corporate event services.

In 2005, Dr. Meier was invited to Washington, D.C. by Constitutional attorney, Jonathan Emord to testify before the FDA regarding the suppression of nutritional information to the consumer. She met with various representatives of Congress to lobby for Congressional Bill 4282 (The Health Freedom Protection Act). She was also invited to the 2009 Presidential Inauguration by the National Women’s Political Caucus and remains active in this organization to identify, coach and support female political candidates as well as those currently holding office at the local, state and federal levels.

She holds a Doctorate Degree in Holistic Theology; is the author of God in the Mirror published in 2009; is active in social issues of domestic violence and child abuse. She is a past member of the California State Board of ChildHelp USA; is a past Board Member of the Long Beach Women’s Shelter and is currently Executive Director of the Advisory Board for Angels in Waiting. www.angelsinwaitingUSA.org